Name: Lianne "Anne" Westendam

Gender: Female

Date Of Birth: December 1998

Habitation: The Netherlands, Europe

Phenotype: Sea blue eyes, black hair with red highlights, snow white skin

Family: Piet Westendam (Father), Sproet (Hamster)

Relationship: Daan Hugens (Ex-Boyfriend)

School: Grade 8

Type Of Character: Emo, Writer,

Date Of Death: April 2014

Death Cause: Suicide after boyfriend cheated on her and years of bullying

Anne Westendam was a girl that commit suicide in April 2014, because of the bullies that keep hurting her mentally and sometimes even physically. Another reason was that her ex-boyfriend Daan Hugens cheated on her by having sex with Sandra Rijers. At school, she was one of the most beautiful girls, but didn't got any attention or friends. the most important persons for her were her parents and her ex-boyfriend Daan.


At the age of four, Anne moved with her father to The Netherlands after her parents were divorced. She then became a loner and very shy. She never went outside to play with her friends. Her father gave her a diary and a hamster called "Sproet" for company. Anne began writing everyday in the diary and always plays with her hamster.

Middle School

After grade 6, she went to a middle school. But in the first year, she got bullied away. At her second school, she got again bullied. This time, Anne had help from a popular boy called Daan Hugens. After a few months, they got in a relationship.

Daan stands up for her against a bully by